We narrowly lost.

Doug Tietz 21,170 (49%)
Padma Kuppa 22,317 (51%)

I’ve called Padma Kuppa to congratulate her on the Election Day victory.

Thank you to all the friends, volunteers and family that stood at polls, walked door to door, gave contributions, and made phone calls for our campaign. In a difficult year for any Republican (especially when Schuette lost this State House district by 14%) your hard work got us oh so close to the win.

Certainly, we would have preferred winning. (I mean seriously who wouldn’t…) That said, I’m not one to second guess or say ‘if only’ -- things keep moving forward. We worked hard, very hard. We had a good plan. The top of the ticket collapsed. Our campaign for State Representative lost. It happens sometimes…

At this point this type of “I lost note” tends toward melodrama and sad violins. I’ll finish this briefly by saying: I’m not disappearing and I’m sure we will be in touch in one way or another. It's been great making even more friends through this campaign and I appreciate each of you immensely.


And what now…I don’t have a snappy answer for that question.

So the morning after the Election I got the kids dressed, found my son’s library card, cuddled with my daughter, and gave Amy a big kiss, got my new to-do list assembled, and now it’s time to get at it.

There are many things to be done and I’m appreciative of the friends and supporters that pushed the campaign forward along the way. Your efforts made this all possible.

Thank you very much for everything